Please choose a good Insurance professional to study your Insurance profile and assist you in placement of all your Insurance with promptness and economy.

Always plan placement of Insurance and renewal well in advance

Read and understand the policy terms and conditions especially exclusions. Do not assume that once the Insurance is placed, everything is fine. Insurance policies contains many conditions and warranties which should be thoroughly understood and modified to extent possible as best suited to your Risk profile

Always intimate claims very promptly.

In case of major claims, please get in touch with IMS for all assistance to obtain the best settlement under Policy terms and conditions. We have facilitated many claims settlement including a claim for OMR 4.2 Million.

Even if you are presently not a client of IMS your phone or message for any technical clarifications and assistance would be greatly appreciated and attended to promptly.

International Affiliations

We have reciprocal service arrangement with International companies in the U.K, France and Dubai and can reach instantly any market across the globe.




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